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Transforming Society, Who is breaking the asylum system? 11/1/2023

MeltingPot, Chi sta rompendo il sistema di asilo? 23/1/2023

OpenDemocracy, Why some migrants are deemed more deserving than others in Global Britain, 18/01/2023

The Political Quarterly, The UK’s Refugee ‘Invasion’ is a Brexit-made Policy Failure, 10/11/2022

The Conversation, Brexit sparked greater attachment to the European Union in UK and EU citizens living abroad, survey suggests 18/10/2022

The Conversation, Four ways Brexit and the loss of free movement have made life harder for mixed British-European families, 29/07/2022

UKICE, How Brexit transformed mobile families into migrant families, 5/5/2022

LSE EUROPP, EU citizenship and transnational political mobilisation after Brexit, 29/4/2022

ODI, UK government’s response to this refugee crisis is too little, too confused, too slow, 9/3/2022

The Conversation, Debunking key myths about Britain’s ‘broken asylum system’, 2/12/2021

The Conversation, Belarus: border crisis with Poland loses sight of the people trapped in the middle, 9/11/2021

Rivista Il Mulino, Brexit e l’eredità del sogno europeo, 2/7/2021

The Sociological Review, Brexit On ‘Plague Island’: Fortifying The UK’s Borders In Times Of Crisis, 2/2/2021

LSE EUROPP, EU families feel more welcome in Scotland than they do in the rest of the UK, 10/10/2019

The Conversation/iNews/Metro, How EU families in Britain are coping with Brexit uncertainty, 31/8/2019

OpenDemocracy, Naturalisation and paracetamol: diary of an EU citizen in the UK, 18/4/2019

New Internationalist, Migration deal, is it the answer? 30/07/2018

OpenDemocracy, Hostile environment: border guards and border guardees, 12/06/2018

OpenDemocracy, Amber Rudd, the Windrush scandal and the reluctant Remainer, 3/5/2018

Discover Society, The Government’s hostile environment and its consequences, 1/5/2018

The Conversation (iNews), Windrush generation is not alone – children of EU-born citizens could be next, 18/4/2018

OpenDemocracy, Another dangerous ‘National Us’: you can’t have a more integrated society in a hostile environment, 21/3/2018

The Conversation, Fact Check: are there over a million foreigners living illegally in Britain? 17/10/2017

Discover Society, The tower, 2/8/2017

LSE Europp, “A disgusting political lie”: EU parents respond to the Children’s Commissioner’s letter to Michel Barnier, 14/7/2017

The Conversation, Rome mayor’s anti-migrant stance signals shift further to right for Italy’s Five Star Movement, 21/6/2017

The Conversation, NGOs under attack for saving too many lives in the Mediterranean, 29/3/2017

The Conversation, If the EU wants to be the bastion of liberal democracy, it too must stop demonising refugees and migrants 2/2/2017

Internazionale, Memoria corta e ipocrisia 10/2/2017

The Conversation, Why pushing undocumented children out of schools won’t help bring down net migration 2/12/2016

The Conversation, No direct flight: new maps show the fragmented journeys of migrants and refugees to Europe 2/11/2016

Refugees Deeply, Outrage Over Unaccompanied Minors Highlights Massive E.U. Data Gap

Newsweek, Theresa May’s Britain will be no haven for refugees, 23/9/2016

The Conversation, Britain is to take 3,000 refugee children by 2020 … Generous? Think again, 25/4/2016

The Independent, The chart that shows just how generous the UK’s offer to take 3,000 refugee children really is, 25/4/2016

Newsweek, Europe is driving refugees to more dangerous routes across the Med, 30/3/2016

The Conversation, European policy is driving refugees to more dangerous routes across the Med, 29/3/2016

The Conversation, Lost in the world: the young people shunted around a global asylum system, 10/3/2016

OpenDemocracy, Mind the gap: why are unaccompanied children disappearing in their thousands? 22/2/2016

LSE EUROPP, Why the jury is out on the Commission’s latest proposal for a ‘distribution key’ to help solve the refugee crisis, 18/1/2016

The Conversation, Quand l’Europe voit les migrants en double ou en triple, 21/10/2015

The Conversation, Seeing double? How the EU miscounts migrants arriving at its borders, 16/10/2015

Liberation, Quand l’Europe voit les migrants en double ou en triple, 22/10/2015

The Conversation, Juncker appeals to European hearts with refugee plan, but one leader is already shaking his head, 9/9/2015

The Conversation, Calais migrants are not invading: they’re just a small part of a global refugee crisis, 3/8/2015

The Conversation, What the EU must do now to halt this tragedy on its shores, 20/4/2015

The Conversation, Q&A: what is being done to stem migrant crossings in the Mediterranean? 15/4/2015

The Conversation, Fact Check: was Italy’s flagship immigration project a failure? 1/3/2015

The Conversation, Why has this Italian politician’s neighbourly photo prompted such a furious backlash? 5/12/2014

The Conversation, Opting out of Mediterranean rescue condemns desperate migrants to death, 29/10/2014

The Conversation, New wave of nationalism could scupper Italy’s bid for EU-wide response to migrant boats, 30/6/2014

OpenDemocracyWhat the EU must do now to halt this tragedy on its shores, 21/4/2015

The Conversation, Whose interests do we protect by refusing children asylum? Not ours, nor the children’s, 10/4/2014

OpenDemocracyAnother killing in British detention: who was Alois Dvorzac? 19/3/2014

LSE EUROPP, The death of migrants in the Mediterranean is a truly ‘European’ tragedy, 14/10/2013

The Conversation, Italy ignores real cause of Lampedusa refugee tragedy, 4/10/2013

OpenDemocacyKing Nigel’s speech: recasting ‘us’ and ‘them’,13/5/2013

OpenDemocracy, UK migration policy: we need to talk about citizens, 4/3/2013

TEDxEastEnd, The UK’s DREAMers? Undocumented children in Britain, 6/12/2012

OpenDemocracy,  Life in limbo for UK’s irregular migrant children and families, 24/6/2012

OpenDemocracy, Triple vulnerability: the lives of Britain’s undocumented migrant children, 9/11/2010

 Selected media coverage

ABC News, Interview, 26/2/2023

ABC News, Dozens of asylum seekers drown off southern Italy, 27/2/2023

Ayesha Hazarika Times Radio 5/11/2022

ZDF Auslandsjournal (Germany) 22/6/2022

The Guardian, Brexit remains ‘open wound’ for EU citizens living in UK, 23/6/2022

El Mundo, Boris Johnson se enfrenta al doble veredicto de los votantes, 23/6/2022

Independent, Brexit has left ‘enduring scars’ on EU nationals living in UK, research finds, 24/6/2022

El diario, El Brexit sigue siendo una “herida abierta” para los ciudadanos de la UE que viven en Reino Unido, 23/6/2022

Il Sole24Ore, Brexit sei anni dopo: per gli europei residenti in Uk è ancora una ferita aperta, 23/6/2022

Associated Press 15/6/2022:

Associated Press 15/6/2022:

africanewsAfricanews/Associated Press, 15/6/2022

inside story 2022Al Jazeera English, Inside Story, 16/6/2022

ABC Radio (Australia) 16/6/2022

Associated Press, Camped in Calais, migrants renew resolve to try for England, 28/11/2021

Associated Press, Channel migrant deaths: Smugglers net millions per kilometer, 27/11/2021

 Associated Press, Channel deaths fuel UK-France tensions over migrant boats, 25/11/2021

TRT World: (Ylenia Gostoli) 25/11/2021

ABC Radio (Australia) (long interview) 26/11/2021

BBC Radio 4 The Week in Westminster,  27/11/2021

Al Jazeera English, The News Hour (video interview with Barbara Serra), 25/11/2021

BBC World, News, 26/11/2021

bbc newsnight sigonaBBC Newsnight, Irregular crossings in the English Channel, 22/11/2021

TBS eFM (South Korea) This Morning, Discussion on the overall relations between Belarus-Poland and the current situation in their borders, 22/11/2021

Aljazeera Inside Story, Is a new international convention to protect refugees needed?, 14/11/2021

CBC The Current, Australia moves to close refugee detention centre on Manus Island, 18/10/2021

Prospect Magazine, The UK’s birth rate has hit a record low. Can it bounce back? 20/10/2021

METRO, Vaccine passports ‘will force undocumented migrants further into the shadows’, 8/4/2021

BBC Radio 4, The Briefing Room, Britain’s immigration dilemma, 8/10/2020

New York TimesU.K. Police Release Names of 39 People Found Dead in Essex Truck, 8/11/2019

Ara.Cat, El Brexit força els europeus del Regne Unit a fer britànics els seus fills, 26/10/2019

la-vanguardia.jpgLa Vanguardia, Nando Sigona: “El cierre del paso de Calais hace que se abran nuevas rutas”, 24/10/2019

BBC Radio 4, PM, 24/10/2019

Radio 24, Nessun Luogo e’ Lontano, 24/10/2019

Associated Press, U.K. probe widens in deaths of 39 smuggled Chinese found dead in freight container after trip across Europe, 25/10/2019

Spiegel, Salvinis langer Schatten, 24/10/2019

euronewsScotland and Brexit: ‘People are embarrassed over what their friends from the EU have to go through’, 27/9/2019

The GuardianBrexit: EU citizens feel safer in Scotland than in England, report says, 17/9/2019

BBC Radio ScotlandJohn Beattie Show, 20/9/2019

The ScotsmanEU citizens feel ‘safer’ in Scotland than in England, finds report, 17/9/2019

The National, Brexit: EU citizens feel safer in Scotland than England, study finds, 17/9/2019

Al JazeeraEuropean families ‘feel safer’ in Scotland than England, 16/9/2019

World Politics Review, Salvini’s Migrant Crackdown in Italy Is Creating a Crisis, Not Solving One, 30/7/2019

BBC News, Carola Rackete: How a ship captain took on Italy’s Salvini, 6/7/2019

Polish Express, 12/6/2019

The TimesRecord number of EU citizens applying for a British passport, 8/6/2019

Daily MailRecord number of EU nationals are applying for British citizenship as 200 per day seek more security after Brexit, 8/6/2019

Daily Express, Brexit ANXIETY behind surge of EU nationals seeking British citizenship – 200 A DAY, 8/6/2019

Al Jazeera English News, interview on irregular crossings in the Mediterranean Sea, 19/08/2018

NBC/euronews, ‘Migrant rescue ship’s ordeal exposes hardening views as populism blossoms’, 26/07/2018

El Mercurio (Chile), ‘Líderes europeos luchan por ejecutar un urgente pero criticado acuerdo migratorio’, 30/06/2018

Big Issue (New Europeans), ‘A kick in the teeth’, 24/4/2018

The GuardianEU parents warned children need papers to stay in UK after Brexit, 29/3/2018

El Mundo, Los hijos de europeos nacidos en Reino Unido, en territorio hostil tras el Brexit, 29/3/2018

Huffington Post, EU Parents Urged To Take Steps To Protect Their Child’s Right To Stay In The UK, 29/3/2018

Polish Express, Dzieci unijnych imigrantów w UK mogą mieć “poważne problemy” po Brexicie, 29/3/2018, The real Theresa May: How the PM tried to introduce immigration checks in schools, 5 October 2017

Internazionale, A Napoli non c’e’ spazio per i rom, 2/10/2017

BBC World Service, interview on EU-Turkey deal and Dublin Regulation, 14/3/2-17

MOAS Podcast on migrant journeys across the Mediterranean and EU’s responses, 10/3/2017

Nature, Data on movements of refugees and migrants are flawed, 1/3/2017

CNN, How some European countries are tightening their refugee policies, 22/2/2017

Carta di Roma, Immigrazione e post-verita: quando sui fatti prevalgono le convinzioni personali. Interview, 23/11/2016

BBC World Service, Newshour, interview on Calais and what’s next for its residents, 23/10/2016 (from 47’30”)

News Deeply, Mismatch between rhetoric and reality at the refugee summits, 22/9/2016

BBC News, Rise in lone children seeking asylum in England, 8/9/2016

MO.BE, Europese ontwikkelingshulp als steekpenning om Afrikaanse migranten buiten te houden, 2/9/2016

Sunday Telegraph, No one knows how many children are dying in the Mediterranean – ‘I remember thinking; “Just hours ago this child was alive”‘ 27/7/2016

OpenDemocracy, On superdiversity in a ‘crisis mood’ (interview by Rosemary Bechler) 25/7/2016

BBC Reality Check, Could 250,000 refugees come to the UK from 2020? 3/6/2016

BBC World Have Your Say (from 31’25”), Or Angelina Jolie Pitt’s passionate plea to help refugees, 16/5/2016

BBC Radio 5 Up all Night (from 3h17’15’), On David Miliband’s ‘radical’ proposal to close refugee camps as a solution to the refugee crisis, 15/5/2016

BBC 4 World at One, Is the UK taking a ‘fair share’ of unaccompanied minors? 28/4/2016

Chinese Social Sciences News, Effect of EU-Turkey refugee deal debated, 27/4/2016

Público, ¿Dónde están los menores refugiados desaparecidos? 22/4/2016

Press Association, Nearly 90,000 lone children sought asylum in EU last year, 22/4/2016

El Pais, Cómo son los protagonistas de este desembarco inédito pero previsible, 10/4/2016

ABC RN Breakfast, European Union considers overhaul of asylum seeker system, 7/4/2016

The Guardian, Border force warns terrorists could enter EU by abusing asylum checks, 6/4/2016

The Guardian, EU to set out proposals for overhaul of European asylum rules, 6/4/2016

Vita, Rifugiati, le cifre confermano: le politiche europee aumentano i rischi in mare, 31/3/2016

Voice of America, ‘Mediterranean Hope’ Gives Second Chance to Refugees, 24/3/2016

Left, In Europa aumentano i casi di volontari processati o multati per aver aiutato i rifugiati, 17/3/2016

France24, Calais migrant crisis: Is France doing everything it can? 23/2/2016

Liberation, Pierre Lellouche invente 800 000 migrants supplémentaires en 2015, 5/2/2016, View on Migration: Protect refugees with mobile banking, 2/2/2016

Al Jazeera Inside Story, Denmark migration law: A sign of things to come? 27/1/2016

L’Humanité, Les chiffres de l’immigration, l’arithmétique d’un crime, 8/1/2016

The Guardian, Stateless in Europe: ‘We are no people with no nation’, 27/12/2015

Il manifesto, Aperto il primo corridoio umanitario, 17/12/2015

Al Jazeera Inside Story, Europe’s refugee dilemma, 12/11/2015

E-IR, Interview, 1/11/2015

Le Croix, Le délicat usage des chiffres sur les migrants, 3/11/2015

RTS, Le décompte des réfugiés en Europe pose question, 25/10/2015

Soir, Quand l’Europe voit les migrants en double ou en triple, 21/10/2015

L’Opinion, Quand l’UE compte deux fois les migrants…, 21/10/2015

euronews, Migrant crisis confusion: how many are entering the EU? 14/10/2015

Voice of America, Migrant Arrivals Unlikely to Bring Major Changes to Europe, 28/9/2015

Associated Press, Migrant arrivals unlikely to bring major changes to Europe, 26/9/2015

BBC News, 4/9/2015

Krytyka Polityczna, Bennett: Europa sie spzecza, a ludzie tona, 3/8/2015

RT UK, Cameron pushes immigration target as net migration continues to soar, 26/5/2015

IRIN News, Outsourcing asylum, 17/3/2015

BBC World Global, 16/4/2014

Al Jazeera America, Human smugglers: Exploiters or pioneers of new underground railroad? 30/11/2014

Truthloader, Hundreds of migrants storm border of Spanish territory Melilla, 20/3/2014

BBC 4 Moral Maze, Migration, 16/10/2013

Politiken, Danmark vil udvise afghanske børn 5/9/2012

The Economist, Good things and small packages, 19/5/2012

de Volkskrant, ‘Romabeleid van Italië is nog erger dan dat van Frankrijk’, 22/9/2010

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