Nando Sigona on the case of the Romanian Roma activst Lavinia Olmazu on BBC Radio 5 (8/11/2010) (from 1:12.30 to 1:17.30):

For an example of bad reporting, watch the BBC News at 10 o’clock on 8/11/201o – I’ve just sent a complaint to the BBC:

“I found the story on the Olmazu case in the 10 o’clock news misleading and surprisingly different from the story you run on the website which is much more balanced and close to the evidence emerged in the trial. In particular, it is unclear to me the link between the specific benefit fraud, the images of children taken away from a house somewhere in England (from your archive?) and what seems a pretty staged footage from Romania. It is very easy and very dangerous to play with stereotypical representations of Romani people, especially at a time of raising anti-Gypsyism”.

But there are far bigger shadows on the fairness of the trial as illustrated in this article by Jake Bowers on Travellers Times