UPDATE: the director of the London School of Economics has resigned, more on the Guardian:

One thing to watch out for is the plagiarism inquiry still going on – if this is proved, Gaddafi’s supervisors and examiners may have something to apoligize for. 

 Somehow I’ve got the feeling that someone at LSE is feeling a bit ashamed by this. Read this article by The Guardian: LSE not long ago accepted a donation of £1,500,000  from a charity directly controlled by Gaddafi’s son. University fees have really gone out of control, haven’t they? And, by the way, someone may also remember a roundtable in the desert with Lord Giddens (LSE) and Gaddafi father discussing the Third Way.

From the library of the LSE:

Author: Alq adhafi, Saif Al-Islam.
Title: The Role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions : from “soft power” to collective decision-making? / Saif Al-Islam Alqadhafi.
Publisher: 2008
Description: 429 leaves.
 This thesis is the property of the University of London and may not be removed from the Library.
Notes: Ph.D. (London) thesis 2008 LSE.
 Includes bibliographical references (leaves 404-429).
Subject(s): World Trade Organization –Decision making –Case studies.
 Civil society.
 International organization.
Other Author(s): London School of Economics and Political Science. Department of Philosophy.  
Location: Theses Collection

One thought on “Seriously…

  1. This is absolutely remarkable. Does the role of the police and military feature high on the list of factors that might obstruct peaceful transition to a more liberal regime?

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