UPDATE: the director of the London School of Economics has resigned, more on the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/mar/03/lse-director-resigns-gaddafi-scandal

One thing to watch out for is the plagiarism inquiry still going on – if this is proved, Gaddafi’s supervisors and examiners may have something to apoligize for. 

 Somehow I’ve got the feeling that someone at LSE is feeling a bit ashamed by this. Read this article by The Guardian: LSE not long ago accepted a donation of £1,500,000  from a charity directly controlled by Gaddafi’s son. University fees have really gone out of control, haven’t they? And, by the way, someone may also remember a roundtable in the desert with Lord Giddens (LSE) and Gaddafi father discussing the Third Way.

From the library of the LSE:

Author: Alq adhafi, Saif Al-Islam.
Title: The Role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions : from “soft power” to collective decision-making? / Saif Al-Islam Alqadhafi.
Publisher: 2008
Description: 429 leaves.
 This thesis is the property of the University of London and may not be removed from the Library.
Notes: Ph.D. (London) thesis 2008 LSE.
 Includes bibliographical references (leaves 404-429).
Subject(s): World Trade Organization –Decision making –Case studies.
 Civil society.
 International organization.
Other Author(s): London School of Economics and Political Science. Department of Philosophy.  
  Link: https://catalogue.lse.ac.uk/Record/1187568
Location: Theses Collection