Rethinking FRONTEX

The Europnean Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX) has gone through significant changes since its establishment in October 2004. An important indicator of this transformation is  the variation in FRONTEX’s budget that has steadily increased: from € 6.3 million in 2005, to nearly €42 million in 2007 and topping € 87 million by 2010. The Mediterranean Sea is currently the theatre of two major joint operations (Hermes and Rabit) from which limited information is publically available raising important concerns regarding the accountability of the Agency despite its obligation to respect fundamental rights. The Agency is currently undergoing a revision of its mandate, Migreurop has produced an interesting report which hopefully will contribute to make this process more transparent and open to public debate.

Read full report:

2 thoughts on “Rethinking FRONTEX

  1. Thanks for your post on Frontex. I strongly feel that with implementing Frontex the EU forsaked any right to even talk about human rights.

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