OUP HandbookThe Editors of The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies are pleased to report that it is now entering the production stage and will be published by Oxford University Press in Summer 2014.

The Handbook‘s state-of-the-art contributions are divided in seven major parts:

Part 1: An introduction to diverse disciplinary and methodological approaches to the study of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, including History (Jerome Elie), International Law (Guy Goodwin-Gil), Political Theory (Matthew Gibney), International Relations (Alexander Betts), Anthropology (Dawn Chatty), Sociology (Finn Stepputat and Ninna Nyberg Sørensen), Livelihoods and Economics (Karen Jacobsen), and Geography (Michael Collyer);

Part 2: An overview of the shifting spaces and scenarios of displacement, tracing changes in academia, policy and practice vis-a-vis Encampment and Self-settlement (Oliver Bakwell), Urban Displacement (Loren Landau), Protracted Refugee Situations (James Milner), Internal Displacement (Walter Kalin), Refugees, Diasporas and Transnationalism (Nick Van Hear), and the conceptualisation of Forced Migrants as Illegal Migrants (Stephan Scheel and Vicki Squire);

Part 3: A comprehensive analysis of legal and institutional responses to forced migration, with chapters exploring the multifaceted connections between forced migration and Human Rights (Jane McAdam), UNHCR (Gil Loescher), UNRWA (Susan Akram), State Controls (Randall Hansen), Securitisation (Anne Hammerstadt), Protection Gaps (Volker Turk and Rebecca Dowd), Statelessness (Alice Edwards and Laura Van Waas), Humanitarian Reform (Simon Russell and Vicky Tennant); and Humanitarianism (Michael Barnett);

Part 4: A critical review of our understanding of the root causes of displacement addresses Conflict- and Crisis-induced Displacement (Sarah Lischer), Development-induced Displacement (Christopher McDowell), the Environment-Mobiilty Nexus (Roger Zetter and James Morrissey), and Trafficking and Smuggling (Bridget Anderson);

Part 5: A detailed focus on the diversity of lived experiences and representations of forced migration include contributions on Memories, Narratives and Representations (Nando Sigona), Children (Jason Hart), Gender (Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh), Older Displaced Persons (Claudio Bolzman), Disability (Mansha Mirza), Health (Alastair Ager), Religion (David Hollenbach) and the Media (Terence Wright)

Part 6: A reconceptualisation of durable solutions include analyses of Rethinking Durable Solutions (Katy Long), Local Integration (Lucy Hovil), Repatriation and Reintegration (Laura Hammond), Resettlement (Joanne Van Selm), and Burden Sharing (Martin Gottwald);

Part 7: The final section addresses the historical trends, current realities and future challenges of forced migration on a region-by-region basis: West Africa (Marion Fresia), Southern Africa (Jonathan Crush and Abel Chikanda), East Africa and the Great Lakes (Gaim Kibreab), the Middle East and North Africa (Sari Hanafi), Broader Central Asia (Alessandro Monsutti and Bayram Balci), South Asia (Paula Banerjee), South East Asia and East Asia (Kirsten McConnahie), Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific (Anne McNevin), South America (Jose H. Fischel De Andrade), Central America and the Caribbean (Megan Bradley), North America (Susan Martin), and Europe (Roland Bank).

The Handbook‘s Introduction: Refugee and Forced Migration Studies in Transition, is co-authored by the Editorial Team, which is composed of current and former RSC Staff and RSC Associates: Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (Departmental Lecturer in Forced Migration), Professor Gil Loescher (RSC Visiting Professor), Dr Katy Long (University of Edinburgh & RSC Research Associate) and Dr Nando Sigona (Institute for Research into Superdiversity, University of Birmingham & RSC Research Associate).

The Editorial Team is also very pleased to announce that the leading modernist artist, Ibrahim El-Salahi, whose work was recently celebrated in a major retrospective show at the Tate Modern (London), has kindly provided the dynamic cover image for theHandbook.

For further details and to pre-order the book visit: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199652433.do