IRIS black2Below the programme of the first IRiS multidisciplinary seminar series I am convening next term in collaboration with Dr Katherine Tonkiss (School of Government & Society, University of Birmingham). We will be pairing each speaker with a discussant, I’ll post the list of discussants early in January.

The seminars take place in the Muirhead Tower, Edgbaston Campus, B15 2TT, University of Birmingham. Unfortunately they gave us three different rooms for four events! All welcome, and hopefully no one get lost in the Muirhead Tower.

15th January, 3pm (429 Muirhead Tower)

Phillip Cole, University of the West of England

Beyond Reason: The Philosophy and Politics of Immigration

29th January, 4pm (415 Muirhead Tower)

Madeleine Reeves, University of Manchester

Making up a passport: hyper-documentation and the ethics of ‘illegal’ residence in Russia and Kyrgyzstan

12th February, 3pm (427 Muirhead Tower)

Agnieszka Kubal, University of Oxford

Struggles against subjection: the consequences of criminalization of migration on migrants’ everyday lives

26th February, 3pm (429 Muirhead Tower)

Sarah Neal, University of Surrey

Conviviality, encounter, diversity, migration: But where did race go? Thinking about multiculture by bringing sociologies of race and superdiversity together