Searching MH370

photo credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet via photopin cc

photo credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet via photopin cc

After days of speculations and rumors, attention seems to have moved away from the passengers who boarded the MH370 flight with stolen passports. It is possible that they were ordinary irregular migrants, some even suggested they were refugees, in search of a better future . While what went on on the aircraft is obviously of great relevance, firm answers are hard to find unless the aircraft or its wreckage are found. This takes me to a few questions and hypotheses to which, perhaps unsurprisingly, mainstream media have to date paid little attention.

After 9/11, would an aircraft that suddenly disappear from civilian radars but is still traceable on military ones AND on an unauthorized route trigger a (very) rapid military response including interception and eventually shooting down? Is it then possible that the international ‘search’ for the above aircraft is (at least for some of the parties involved) more about NOT finding it or covering up any evidence? Finally, given the nationality of most of the passengers on the flight, which countries (not many is my hypothesis) would have the political capital to take such decision autonomously – or unless authorized to do so?

If the latest news from Reuters are correct, there was plenty of time for that kind of conversation to have happened and decision to be taken. Interestingly, despite the new evidence, Reuters’ unnamed sources only mention sabotage or hijacking as possible explanations for the disappearance of the plane.

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