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Can anyone detect a human smuggler here? Will Cameron and Renzi’s solution be to bomb (‘dismantle’, they would say) Macedonia’s railways network? Europe is building fences along its external land borders. Hungary has almost completed one along its border with Serbia in record time, using Italian technology and public work labourers. EU technocrats and political leaders said this was evidence of Orban’s fascist master-plan, but do not be fooled: it’s pure hypocrisy. Hungary is doing what Greece and Bulgaria did not long ago with EU funding and know-how and the UK is doing in Calais now. It may even turn out the money for Hungary’s fencing come from Brussels. But fences are hard to build at sea, no wonder people continue to board unseaworthy boats. Who is forcing them to put their lives in danger? Who is to blame? Easy to use the ‘human traffickers’ as scapegoats. If we look closely, we will see that the mythical human trafficker looks very much like one of our political leaders.

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