Unreal, extraordinary and indecent, this is me according to Nigel Farage who proclaims the referendum a ‘victory of real, ordinary and decent people’ . This is 3 million of us (EU nationals) that were not even allowed to vote and whose voices have been silenced throughout the referendum campaign. This is 14 million Brits who voted ‘Remain’. This is my first lesson-learned for my post-EU referendum life.

It is as if your neighbour, a stranger on a bus, the shopkeeper where you buy your bread shouts in your face: you are not welcome here.

It feels like a scar, like a glass falling on the floor and breaking in tiny little pieces, like a spit in the face, like a personal earthquake. something shaking your inner core – who you think you were.

I know many people experience this everyday, I’m not claiming any special treatment here. One of the reasons why I do the job I do is exactly because I think it is wrong that anyone has to experience this. Now it is my turn. Personally.

The only thing I can think of while sitting in a hotel room in Birmingham is that I would like to be home.

But where is home? Is it in Italy? Is it in England? I’ve left Italy 15 years ago. Even earlier as I did my ERASMUS in London in 1997. I was in Woodgreen when Tony Blair was coming into power with his strong pro-EU agenda. It was that ‘Cool Britain’ that I felt in love in my early 20s.

Naples will always be ‘la mia casa’. But ‘home’ is where my (British) wife and Oxford-born children are, in Oxford (at least for now).

At least Oxford voted 70% for ‘Remain’.

Time to go to sleep, need to get some rest to be ready to start my new post-EU referendum life and download the application form for British citizenship.