If a government-supporting media outlet in Russia was to publish a frontpage like the Daily Mail today, can you imagine the response of the British press, including the Daily Mail? ‘Putin uses state media as killer squad’, ‘No democracy in Russia’…

Branding three senior judges as ‘enemies of the people’ echoes practices of the totalitarian and nazi-fascist regimes of the 20th C. It is clearly an attempt to punish the High Court judges for having dared to do their job: to be clear, the judgement is NOT about Brexit or Remain, it is about division of power and pushing back Theresa May’s power grabbing executive. It is about reestablishing the sovereignty of the parliament in an electoral democracy. But these front pages are also a not-very-veiled intimidation targeted at the Supreme Court judges who will review the case if an appeal is lodged and to the MPs who may try to do their job and have a say on the terms of Brexit.

And where  is the PM Theresa May? Should her or one of her cabinet ministers speak out against the blood-thirsty tabloids? Is  she a coward who doesn’t dare to contradict her master or is she wilfully colluding with them? Not sure which option is worst.

After two days (6/11) she eventually spoke and she did it to take the side of the newspapers, which doesn’t answer the question above but it further shifts the centre ground towards the far right.

What if another ‘loner with a history of mental health’ decide to take the law into his/her hands? Will the Daily Mail publish another frontpage like the one that followed MP Jo Cox’s tragic murder (see below)? One cannot stop thinking that British democracy is under threat as never before and that leaving the EU is only a means to an end, and the end is exercising increasing influence on the British state by media bullying without any external checks and counterbalances. 

One can expect no less from the Sun and the Daily Mail to use skin colour and sexuality for their character assassination of everyone involved in the High Court case.

Old and new dictators always love to appeal directly to the Will of the People and use it to get rid of any check on them from Parliament and judiciary.