letter to vcsAn MP asked for the list of all lecturers teaching on Brexit and their syllabi, here my explanation…

EU families & Eurochildren in Brexiting Britain

The morning university vice-chancellors saw on their desk the letter of the Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris could breathe a sigh of relief: for once it was not a FOI by the Guardian or UCU asking about their salaries.

800px-Official_portrait_of_Chris_Heaton-Harris_crop_2The MP for Daventry, a staunch Brexiteer, was not after their money. He only asked for a list of all lecturers that teach on Brexit and for their syllabi. It didn’t take long for academics and liberal media to call the request ‘McCarthyite’; finally a way to reclaim some kind of moral high-ground. Never mind that most voters think that McCarthy is an American country singer.

Pro-Brexit media, for their part, did what anyone who has read the Donald Trump for Dummies playbook expected them to do, i.e. publish on the front page of their websites a photo of their new idol.

But I wonder if a different explanation can be…

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