The MEDMIG book eventually came out just before the Christmas break. Again, it happened already in 2014 with the publication of Sans Papiers and The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and FM studies, I had different publications coming out in the same week. This time they were three:

  • the book above, which by the way is available for £10 on Policy Press website;
  • a series of research briefs capturing some of the findings of the Becoming Adult project;
  • a peer reviewed article I wrote with Rachel Humphris for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies on the forces reshaping the concept of ‘best interests’ when applied to migrant children

It is exciting but also a bit of a shame as one doesn’t really have the time or energy to celebrate neither of them properly.

I can’t really tell if another week like this will happen in 2018, as usual there are a number of writing projects ongoing at different stages, but demand on my time are quite unsustainable for this term, so it will be a bit of a struggle to stick to deadlines.