#rethinkingnationalism is a twelve bite-sized (1-9 min) video series that offers academic insight and public perspectives on nationalism, belonging, and diversity in Europe today. The series produced by Migration Matters is part of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, a ground-breaking project that enables youth in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences online.
Anna Triandafyllidou (EUI) and I offer our thoughts on nativism, nationalism and diversity in the age of migration. You can watch the trailer and first three instalments here, more to come shorlty.





Migration Matters is an award-winning non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany that was founded in January 2016 to address the public’s biggest concerns and fears surrounding migration and the so-called refugee crisis. #rethinknationalism is Migration Matters’ 6th video series. Find the others on YouTube and their website .