London is a truly ‘Europolitan’ capital with over one million non-native EU residents from every and each EU member states. But it is also a global superdiverse city where ‘diversity is just a fact of life’ and ‘everyone can strive to live comfortably in their own skin’, say French Beninese Marie and British husband Paddy in Episode 3.
You can watch the first 3 episodes here:

EU families & Eurochildren in Brexiting Britain

French Beninese Marie and British musician Paddy urge everyone not to be complacent and go out and vote at the European election.

Portraits of EU families in London is a participatory photo project linked to the ESRC-funded EU families and ‘Eurochildren’ in Brexiting Britain project, part of the UK in a Changing Europe programme. More about the projecthere.

Photographers: Crispin Hughes and Francesca Moore
Researchers: Marie Godin and Nando Sigona

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