I recorded this video conversation for the University of Birmingham’s Unfiltered series with Nick Bailey at the end of July. The blog reflects on some of the events that have occurred since then.

The Age of Superdiversity

By Nicholas Bailey (@imnickbailey) and Nando Sigona (@nandosigona), University of Birmingham

BLM became something very different from its previous incarnation on the day George Floyd died. It transitioned from social organisation to symbolising a societal ideal.

By any definition, 2020 has been a dramatic year. It was already the year of Australian bushfires, the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the conviction of Harvey Weinstein and the devastation of Coronavirus when, on May 25th, George Floyd uttered the phrase, “ I can’t breathe!”

Certain moments in history inspire the question: “Where were you when…?” The footage of George Floyd’s final moments was such a moment. Now, the mere mention of Floyd’s name summons up fragments of what we witnessed and the stirring of complex emotions. There was the moment when we all realised that, yet again, a Black man was in a life-threatening situation with law enforcement; yet again we witnessed…

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