Last week I recorded an interview with professor Cecilia Menjivar of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) covering a wide range of topics, from Trump to Covid-19, for immigration enforcement to the preacarisation and racialization of legal status, from the ripple effects of deportation to the role of sociologists in the age of fake news and anti-intellectualism.

Part 1
Part 2

Cecilia Menjivar’s work on immigration regimes, legal status and precarious migrants, has been a great source of inspiration for many years and has shaped my approach to the analysis of undocumented migration in Europe. We have collaborated on two recent publications (Within and beyond citizenship; Undocumented & Unaccompanied: Children of Migration in the European Union and the United States) and I was very pleased when she accepted my invitation to record this interview for “Conversations with Iris” (you can tell from the beaming smile at the beginning of the interview!).