Trying to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare and perfect storm of vaccine passports, covid tests and Brext and finding myself in the very uncomfortable position of rooting for Matteo Salvini if only to feed my family when in Italy

EU families & Eurochildren in Brexiting Britain

Nando Sigona

If 18 months of pandemic were not enough to push society to the verge of a nerve breakdown, then came the vaccine passports in all their shapes and forms to make lives even more miserable. And Brexit is adding its fair bit to the mix. This is especially the case if you are one of the millions of British nationals with EU family connections or an EU citizen who has made the UK their home and is trying to visit, or be visited by, family and friends over the summer.

The UK government is uncertain of what to do with its traffic light system, and with colour changing quicker than the time it takes to book a short holiday, fly in and enjoy the sun and return to the UK, the public has come to realise that ‘green light’ is meaningless if the country where you want to…

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