European governance and the Roma

At the upcoming 2011 annual world convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities in NYC, I’ll be presenting a paper entitled ‘Securitizing the governance of the Roma in Italy’ . The paper is part of a panel on ‘European governance and the Roma’. Other members of this panel include Peter Vermeersch (KU Leuven) and Eva Sobotka (FRA), Laura Cashman (Canterbury Christ Church University), and André Liebich (Graduate Institute, Geneva).
The full programme of the conference can be downloaded from this link.

Neoliberalism and anti-Gypsyism in Europe

The latest issue of the French journal ‘Lignes‘ is dedicated to the Roma issue and offers a critical analysis of current discourses, policies and practices to govern the Romani minorities in France and Europe. Contributors include: Etienne Balibar, Jacques Ranciere, Jean-Loup Amselle and Cecile Canut. My contribution (co-authored with Nidhi Trehan) looks at the link between neoliberalism and anti-Gypsyism in Europe.