Nation building and the others

I’m on my way to Cyprus where I’m giving a paper at the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration conference (IASFM: . My paper is about RAE in Kosovo, but I’m not going to look into the appaling living conditions of the communities, as there are several detailed reports on this, rather I would like to use the situation of the RAE as a lens to look into tensions and conflicts in the process of nation building in Kosovo. In particular, i want to explore the tension between ‘colonial’ EU protectorate policy and practice and ‘colonial’ responses of  Kosovo ruling elite. Two chapters of the RAE integration strategy and some pilot interviews carried out last year are the empirical basis of the reflections. More work will follow next year when I’m planning a 2 weeks trip to Kosovo.


One thought on “Nation building and the others

  1. Leggendo il pezzo “Chi comanda in Kosovo” (31 luglio 2008) nel paragrafo “la terra dei consulenti” colpiscono per la scarsa coerenza le dichiarazioni molto critiche sull’utilità dei consulenti internazionali rilasciate all’intervistatore dalla prf.ssa Favali, essa stessa invece molto attiva e impegnata in tale ruolo.

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