Migration Studies, new refereed journal to start publication in spring 2013

Migration Studies, OUP

Migration Studies is a new multi-disciplinary refereed journal from Oxford University Press (see journal’s webpage). It will publish work that significantly advances our understanding of the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration in all its manifestations.

Migration has always defined human populations, and today it is one of the most powerful currents shaping global society. In recent decades, the increasing scope, complexity and salience of human migration have inspired new conceptual and policy vocabularies, and stimulated ground-breaking research efforts across many different academic disciplines.

Migration Studies will contribute to the consolidation of this still-fragmented field of study, developing the core concepts that link different disciplinary perspectives on migration, and bringing new voices into ongoing debates and discussions. Drawing on the expertise and networks of a Global Editorial Board of senior migration scholars, the journal will publish articles of exceptional quality and general interest from around the world.


Migration Studies invites papers that contribute substantively to a core scholarly discipline or sub-discipline, while engaging with migration research in other disciplines. Papers will be reviewed through a global editorial board including senior scholars in each of the following fields:

  •  Anthropology
  •  Demography
  • Economics
  • Forced Migration
  • Geography
  • History
  • International Relations
  •  Sociology
  • Political Science

The editorial team (Alan Gamlen – Editor, Alexander Betts, Thomas Lacroix, Emanuela Paoletti, Nando Sigona and Carlos Vargas-Silva – Associate Editors) also welcomes book reviews, special issue proposals, and ideas for presenting content in new ways.


Please follow instructions for authors on the journal’s webpage: http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/migration/

7 thoughts on “Migration Studies, new refereed journal to start publication in spring 2013

  1. caro Antonio,
    grazie per il messaggio. Il comitato editoriale sarebbe certamente lieto di considerare un intervento su questi temi, devo specificare che gli interventi vengono valutati per il loro meritro specifico e ogni submission viene valutata da 2 membri dell’editorial team e, se passa questo primo filtro, 3 peer reviewers anonimi.

    • Carissimo,

      ringrazio te per la risposta. E’ evidente che non avevo in mente niente di diverso da una selezione per merito, sono anzi felice di una così seria valutazione; del resto altra forma non conosco, né mai mi è capitato di utilizzare nel corso della mia carriera.
      Esistono format o registri specifici da utilizzare per una corretta formulazione della proposta? Web page di riferimento con caratteristiche tecniche dell’elaborato?

      Un caro saluto, Antonio

  2. Hi there,

    I would like to express my intetest in submitting a paper for publication on the experiences of illegal Korean migrant workers and the practices of labour hire in Western Australia. I was wondering if you would accept an absract at this stage, as it is still a work in progress.

    Thank you for sharing wobderful information on your blog page!

    Best regards and greetings fron very hot Australia,


    • Dear Silvia,
      thanks for your interest in Migration Studies. The editorial committee would be willing to consider a submission on this topic. However, in order to start the review process we need to receive the full paper, the abstract alone is not enough, All best, Nando

  3. Hi.,
    with due respect, i would like to intrest in submitting research paper for publishing inthe experiences of diasporic consciousness with second generation adaptation. so please can you instruct me the guidlines for publishing it, my work still is in progressing.
    thanks, I hope, pleasurely with your reply,
    Best regards

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