Racial criminalization of migrants in the 21st Century

New book. Over the last two decades in the West, there has been a significant increase in the arrest, imprisonment and detention of migrants. The racial criminalization and victimization of migrants and Roma people has led judicial authorities, local governments, the police, mass media and the general population to perceive migrants and ‘gypsies’ as responsible for a wide range of offences. Taking into consideration the political and cultural conditions that affect and interconnect societies of emigration and immigration, the contributors examine and compare a range of cases in Europe and the United States. The contributions demonstrate how the persecution of the ‘current enemy’ is the ‘total political fact’ of the 21st century in that it ensures consensus and business, or what might be termed the ‘crime deal’ of today.

The collection, edited by Salvatore Palidda (Ashgate, 2011)  includes a chapter I co-authored with Nidhi Trehan on the (re)criminalization of the Roma in a neoliberal Europe

One thought on “Racial criminalization of migrants in the 21st Century

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